Short-term Study Abroad Proposals

Providence College is committed to providing its students with a range of educational opportunities to encounter, to study, and to understand our increasingly globalized world. Faculty-led, short-term international programs during the winter intersession, spring break, Maymester, or summer constitute such opportunities. Faculty at Providence College are encouraged to consider carefully whether, and how, a short-term international program might enhance their undergraduate teaching and/or their academic research interests.

The Faculty Guide and supplemental forms are intended to provide an efficient, but not exhaustive, overview of the essential tasks involved in developing a short-term international program. For additional assistance on appropriate procedures and resources to meet the goals of your program, the Center for International Studies is glad to assist.

All faculty program leaders, new and returning, are responsible for the information contained in the Faculty Guide for Developing and Leading Short-Term International Programs. Faculty also should review and utilize the documents found on the Resources for All Short-Term International Programs page.

Quick Links:

Faculty who are interested in leading a short-term international program first should consult the Approval Process and Calendar for the appropriate academic year.

Faculty who will be proposing a program for the first time should begin with the New Program Proposals page.

Faculty who intend to run a repeat program (i.e. a program that ran in the past with the approval of the International Programs Advisory Committee) should consult the Repeat Program Proposals page.