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Welcome to Study Abroad at Providence College!

Providence College students have the following study abroad options:

Semester Study Abroad

Providence College works with study abroad providers, organizations that administer all aspects of the study abroad experience: from application management to onsite support and transcript evaluation. Approved provider programs can be found in over 40 countries and allow students to complete courses at study centers designed for American students or at local institutions through direct enrollment. Many programs also include internship placements and independent research, as well as local orientation programs and educational excursions.

Summer Study Abroad

Students may elect to spend a summer abroad in lieu of, or in addition to, a semester program. Summer study abroad is also through provider organizations, and students have many of the same options available to them as semester study abroad students. While program lengths vary, the typical summer program is between 4-6 weeks.

Faculty-Led Programs

Each year several exceptional programs are offered to Providence College students. These are PC courses with a faculty-led overseas component, typically ranging from 1-3 weeks. These courses combine classroom study with real-world experiences, allowing students to gain international insight on their field of study.

 Get Started

Follow these step-by-step instructions to make studying abroad for a semester or year a reality.

 Course Equivalency Database

The Course Equivalency Database is a HISTORIC list of study abroad courses that have already been approved. The courses included in the database may not be offered every semester and may not represent the full array of courses available on the program. Students should always check their program’s website for a full list of course offerings during their study abroad semester.

 Forms & Finances

Learn more about studying abroad policies and access study abroad forms.