Recommended Summer & Winter Programs​​​

All students who are rising Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors (i.e., completed their Freshman year) may study abroad over the summer or during the winter (intersession).  Providence College requires students to be in good standing in order to participate in summer study abroad. There is no minimum GPA requirement for College approval, but each study abroad program will have its own set of eligibility requirements including, but not limited to, GPA and course pre-requisites. Be sure you carefully check these before applying to a program!

Summer program vary in length. In order to receive academic credit students must participate in a program that is at least three weeks long (exceptions made for Providence College approved faculty-led Maymester and summer programs), but some programs can be as long as 8 to 10 weeks long! Average length is 4-6 weeks.

The cost of a summer program varies. Most programs cost an average of $1,000 per week (a four week program will probably cost around $4,000, a 6 week program will be around $6,000, etc.). But it is certainly possible to find programs that are cheaper (and more expensive!) than this. All tuition and program fees will be billed to the student directly, and are payable to the program. Students receiving academic credit for their summer or winter study abroad will also be billed a $200 study abroad fee by Providence College.

Students who submit an application and receive prior approval from Providence College and the Center for International Studies are eligible to receive academic credit for their summer/winter study abroad.  In order for credit to transfer students must take all classes for a letter grade and receive a “C” or better. The course will appear on your PC transcript and will be counted as transfer credit (T). The grade will not impact your CGPA.

When you complete your application you will list all potential courses you’re considering taking abroad. This will let us know what classes you’ll be taking and how you’d like it to count (free elective, core requirement, etc.). We will submit the request to the appropriate academic department and you will receive notification from us prior to departure as to what requirement the course will fulfill.

**Please note that all internships are subject to individual student review and cannot be pre-approved. Final approval for internships will be granted after the program is completed and the student meets with his or her academic department chair.